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New Hampshire

CAL 20 Sailboat - Restoring an old sailboat is a labor of love, and Tim is replacing dried out and missing components in this classic, looking ahead fondly to launching day.


This is a CAL 20 restoration with a few enhancements. 

The interior paint was striped off in order to reinforce the hull. Bulkheads were removed, tabbing for the interior structural pan was chiseled through and the pan removed through the hatch for grinding and reinforcement. Keel bolts were replaced and 3M 5200 adhesive was applied to the outside of the hull to deck flange. Wedge shaped floor boards were installed using 3M 5200 to avoid hard spots and then tabbed in place. The upper face of the floor boards will be concave to create more comfortable berths and add a couple inches of head room. The aft end of the cockpit was raised to sheer level, leaving over 6 ft of cockpit seating remaining and providing good access to the transom, along with increased ventilation and storage space.

In regards to the finished deck in the photos of the transom, I will be covering the frames with marine plywood and glassing over.

I think the paint scheme that I have in mind will complement the work.  And, I plan on trimming the cockpit edges with doug fir which will be varnished. 


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