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June 17, 2010



POD 2 XL - A basic, 2 part portable boat, suitable for roaming ponds and lakes. Paddle, row or trolling motor power.

 This is a first time builder, and the POD-2 XL was a good choice.  The construction is quite traditional in nature, with straight sides and simple seating. Those that build this boat do so for various reasons, and all seem to embellish the boat with fancy paint jobs. Renzo has chosen a more sedate color scheme, and it looks very nice. 

After the success of building the POD 2 XL, he is now embarking on the construction of Toter 2, the Sailing version. A little more advanced processes, and a lot more detail. I am sure he will do well with this project also, as he seems to plan ahead for each assembyt step, a necessity when building anything. 

You remember Murphys Law of Boatbuilding: The Glue Dries Before the Mistake is Found !

I am sure Renzo will reward us with pictures of his next project, so there is always something to look forward to.

Click on the YouTube link below for a short video of the maiden launch of his POD 2 XL.




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