February 2012 

Some months ago JERRY CANADAY of Hyde Park, New York, built an elongated and high freeboard version of Shorty Roth's Puddle Duck Racer, with some unique and innovative features.  As his sailing experience with the sturdy and capable little craft broadened, his desire to modify certain design elements to suite his particular needs has produced (what the following photos will show) a clever, responsive, good looking and practical version of the PDR. 

As you can see, the choice of sail form is quite unique to this design. Jerry chose this for it's simplicity and easy to operate function.  Made of poly-tarp material, it is strong yet lightweight and durable. 

This photo, with son Andrew looking on, shows the deep twin keels Jerry devised for the bottom of the hull. These were intended to replace leeboards that usually are added for stability.  Although these did provide ample side resistance, they had a tendency to really dig into the earth when launching or beaching the boat.  Changes to this configuration may occur in the forthcoming sailing season. 

Nothing else could explain any better how the boat, named EZ YOT, gets to the water. 

The proof of any design is always on the water, and this is a good example.  As you see, the EZ YOT does very well in windy conditions on the Hudson River, and can be easily rowed when the sail is furled. The next option may be a small motor. 

One other item due to change is the tiller. For whatever reason, it is always in the wrong position at the wrong time, and is difficult to work around.  On the drawing board is a simple rope and pulley steering system that should solve that problem. 

The nice thing about small boats is that the mast does not need to be lowered when passing under bridges. This is also a good view of how the sail is rigged to the mast.   Jerry has spent many hours on the boat, and is very pleased with it's overall handling and performance. Not one to be satisfied with the status quo, Jerry is in the throws of building another boat, and has a desire to build a human-powered side-wheeler. 

Any of you out there with a design that might interest him ?  Contact me and I will pass the info on to him.

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Thank you for watching.