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REMOTE ELECTRIC STEERING - Built from the free plans available from this website.

Frank took some liberty of design and made it to suite his very own needs. A job well done.


Attached are a few photos of my electric remote steering assembly, built from your plans and instructions.  

It works just as you said it would.

I had to solder the leads to the motor, wish I could find a plug, but it's ok. The white thing is the steering switch module. It has proven to be real handy, I can just lay it in the bottom of the boat when I'm fishing or doing something else.

 I built a little fishing boat that I thought would be the ultimate, but it came out too heavy and cumbersome, had to put it on a trailer or car top it. It was featured on Duckworks a few years ago, called the $12 Boat.

 I think that I would enjoy building the Pod-2 design you offer.  I drive a Nissan Xterra and the Pod-2 would fit right in the cargo bay.

Thank you so much for the plans and all your help.

PS: Frank purchased the hard to find DPDT Rocker Switch from: 

       Shields Electronics Supply

       Chattanooga, TN

       (423) 624-0071


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