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BIG POD XL - a 2 part pram that folds in half for transport. Capable of carrying a small family. Good freeboard with built-in safety flotation.  Christian constructed this version over the Holidays, and recently had it in the water for a test run. Very nice.


 Ken,  here are a couple of more pictures from our first outing on Lake Worth. The boat did well !

    Below is an overview of the building process.


I have painted the boat and enclosed a picture. Where did you find a set of paddles/oars and oarlocks for your other boats?


As I promised, here is a picture of the unpainted Big POD. Notice that I made the deck, air boxes, and rub rails bigger than the plans.

I am over halfway through building the original, Big POD, and I would like to receive the plans for the POD 2  and POD 2 XL. (Done)

I wonder why you chose to redesign the original and big POD. (Ability to add a trolling motor or sail).  During construction, I used screws to hold down the plywood. I started the tape and glue process already, but I have a few layers to finish. 


I noticed that the Big POD is missing the center floor supports, has only one inside floorboard, and the bulkhead cuts overlap a little. Also, the deck pieces are missing some measurements, as is the "waist" section of the bulkhead pieces. I am off the project for this week due to very new Black & Decker Jigsaw that takes hard left turns. I will buy another sheet of exterior-grade plywood and some rolls of fiberglass tape at HomeDepot instead of cutting up sheets of fiberglass.  BTW, what did you use for the 6" radius? For the 3 foot radius cuts, I used a 3ft stick with holes in it to draw the lines, but it took quite a bit of experimenting to get the line just right. 


I have started cutting the plywood for the Big POD boat. Do you have any pictures of the completed boat on the water? I wanted my wife to see that this boat really floats. (Done)

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