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Kentucky, USA

 EXPLORER - A 2 piece portable boat, capable of fitting in most cars. A great winter project, and Carl is intent of getting it in the water by Summer.

 I came across your site searching for a portable boat I can build myself. I am very excited about your plans and construction method. I'd like to take advantage of your September free plan offer - I'm wanting to build the Explorer or the Toter. I generally fish alone, in small farm ponds. I want something I can paddle or use an electric motor. Would the 'Toter' motor assembly work with the Explorer? It looks like the Toter is made from pine from the photos. Which boat would be easier to build for a first-timer? 

Thanks so much for all the work you have done with the boats. I will document my progress and post online for you and your customers.   Best Regards, 

             Carl Ringwall 


Hello Carl, thanks for your interest in my boat plans. I have been debating which boat would be best for you, and have decided on the EXPLORER, for a variety of reasons.  First, it is way easier to build.  Second, it can use a non-modified electric motor.  As a result of your request, I have actually updated the plans to provide some motor mounting information, if only in the form of pictures.  There are 2 elements of build you need to know.  Many people buy the folding type seat at a sporting goods store.  I make mine of plywood, and use PFD's as the cushions. The other is the load capacity.  If you are a big man (over 190 pounds), I recommend a second layer of ply on the bottom, just for safety. I have attached the plans for your reading pleasure.  If you do build the boat, I would appreciate occasional updates. 

Regards,  Ken

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